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The Great On Eight on Models

Here is the Great on Eight Porcelain Bridge only and if you wear a denture, specifically an Upper Denture this is an Amazing Difference.  Traditional Dentures cover the palate and rely on suction and gules to stay in.  Complete Dentures Prevent tasting and enjoyment of food and only allow 25% or one forth of the chewing once provided by a patients own natural teeth. 

The Great on Eight However is Stronger, Smaller, and allows a patient proper Chewing force that is almost equivalent to the natural teeth or as close as modern

Dentistry can come.

Great On Eight: Your New Teeth 

The Fixed Teeth on Implant Solution to Complete Denture Struggles

​Below is an amazing size comparison between Great on Eight and an Upper Denture Stabilization on 6 implants that has been adjusted to remove the palate.  A traditional complete Denture with no implant support is much larger than both of these models and would cover the palate as one piece.  

The Great on Eight Exposed:  Here is an Actual model demo of the Porcelain Bridge that is placed on top and affixed to the 8 supporting Implants. Denture wearers may be amazed but this is all there is.  Quite simply Porcelain teeth in the shape and size of the Natural teeth from you Youth that stay in your mouth all of the time.  No In and Out, Messy Glues or Adhesives, No Bulky Plastic, No Acrylic (plastic) in your mouth, and Great on 8 is Not Removable like a standard denture.  The two are not even in the same league.

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