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Great On Eight: Your New Teeth 

The Fixed Teeth on Implant Solution to Complete Denture Struggles

About the Product:

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The Developer of the

product Joe Gillespie

Considered by some to be Dental Implant Royalty, Joe Gillespie's father Dr. Eddie Gillespie holds 3 international patents on dental implants. Eddie put Joe to work at the age of 17 in his dental company, Imtec. It was there he learned all aspects of the dental implant business. Fabrication, Packaging, sterilization, design and even video editing of dental implant surgeries completed by Dr. Ron Bullard, Eddie's clinical partner.  
It was this
passion that drove Joe to take a careful look at current full arch prosthesis on implants and strive for something stronger, smaller more natural and comfortable. Enter the Great on Eight, creating a full arch porcelain teeth solutions on implants. Joe took on a Lab technicians perspective and built on a concept created by Dr. Todd Shatkin, a very successful patented fix on six (tm) procedure.
The Great on Eight system was born and through trained clinicians experienced in the the technique, this procedure has enhanced the lives of patients all over the U.S. and and internationally for over a decade. Thousands of Great on Eights are fabricated and delivered a year by passionate dentists all over the country the procedure has come a long way from it humble beginnings. Great on eight fans both dentist's using the system and patient's enjoying their new smiles sing the praises of the minimally invasive maximally effective procedure.

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