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Great On Eight  by: Dr. Joe Gillespie 

The Fixed Teeth on Implant Solution to Complete Denture Struggles

Compare Above to another implant solution "OLD on Four" where 4 Implants are placed to hold a screw fit Acrylic Denture teeth in Place. "Only Four" not Eight Implants and Acrylic Denture not Porcelain Teeth 

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Use the Denture You Have and We Will place the implants and Stabilize Your Existing Denture with the Lowest Monthly financing price of $110 a Month 

Implant Only Fees For the Upper and Lower Arches

Here is the Pricing and Financing options with our APPROVED Lenders. The Lowest Payment plan listed here is $389 per Month. But other options are available from the lenders on an Individual Client Review Basis. 

Great on Eight on Pricing and Schedule of Treatment